Oh and while you’re checking out awesome things…

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Don’t forget to visit www.hanson.net and check out their latest album Shout It Out – you can also visit youtube or vh1 and watch the video clips for the two singles from this album – Thinking Bout Somethin’ and Give A Little – awesome dance moves in the first one and the second one should get you in the mood for dancing too!


Do you like free stuff?

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So I realised that I belong to a website where you can find links to get free samples of products, coupons etc. It’s funny because just last week I was getting jealous of the bloggers in the US who use coupons etc all the time and get stuff for virtually nothing. If you’re interested the address is www.shopfree.com.au

One more thing…

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Whilst typing the last post for the second time Tangled automatically restarted on my DVD player and reminded me of another thing I love about these movies – the sidekicks! I want a Bartok, a Pascal, a Stitch, a minion plus a Carl – can you name the movies these characters are from? Plus there are some others who I can’t remember at this time but will keep you updated!


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So finally just finished watching Tangled by Disney on DVD. Loved it! Definitely up there as one of my favourite Disney movies (others include WALL-E, Snow White, Lion King, Aladdin and Lilo and Stitch). Anyone else want to share their favourite Disney movies? Also Eugene from Tangled is very cute for an animated character – almost rivals Dimitri from Anastasia! Has everyone seen that movie? It’s a great one to pull out for the kids even if it is a few years old. Yes, I admit I’m a big kid when it comes to movies, but I don’t see a problem with that. When most adult movies have sex and/or violence what’s wrong with a little innocent fun? Especially when a lot of the jokes in these movies are intended for adults and go straight over the heads of kids! When it comes to favourite movies of all time though, A Walk to Remember is still by far the favourite with Clueless coming in second. There are quite of number of favourite DVDs in my collection – what about yours? Now feeling compelled to watch either Anastasia or Clueless – hmmm decisions, decisions!

P.S. My computer deleted this post the first time I tried to post it so had to retype! Don’t you love technology!

Insomnia is good for something…

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Well I guess anyway. Since I can’ t sleep, I was online and thought hey I should post on my blog so here I am. I have now added a subscription feature so you can see whenever I update. Not much is going on here. Still recovering from having 3 lymph nodes removed on Tuesday and have a new niece so that’s exciting – just haven’t had chance to meet her yet as haven’t been feeling up to it due to the earlier point. However whilst at the shop today (a very short trip wore me out!) I did get to meet our PM so that was interesting. Not going to discuss political views and alliances on here but still was cool to say I met a PM and had my photo taken with her especially since for better or worse she will go down in history as being our first female PM and I always said I was going to run the country! Well I guess that’s about all for now – Touched by An Angel is about to start – another thing insomnia is good for – watching early morning shows!

Post Number One!

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Original subject title huh? Well here we go with my blog – something I have been wanting to do for years and have finally gotten off my backside and done. I’m not 100% sure of the content yet – could just be my crazy ideas but would love suggestions or topics if there is something in particular that you want me to discuss or answer! I know that I will be talking about my plans and what is going through my head plus things that make me happy in the hope that they will add to your happiness too! For example I love the website www.icanhascheezburger.com and the pictures on there make me smile 🙂 Well I will think about what to post next and hopefully be back later this week!