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Ok now we’re getting somewhere

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Have just figured out that with my new phone I can post from that so now I can post more easily and therefore more regularly! I do most of my online stuff from my phone so hopefully this will encourage me more.

Also would love to do some more things on here like reviews etc. Anyone have anything they would like me to review? Book? Movie? Product?

I’m currently reading an awesome series by Janice Thompson – the Weddings By Bella trilogy. Really enjoying it! Well that’s all for now as it’s getting late but back soon!


Another Illustration

So I was doing some of my online mentoring earlier tonight and had a thought strike me – did you know that the people in Jesus’ time thought that he would free them from their current rulers – the Romans – rather than freeing them from the greater prisons of sin, death and the devil. Isn’t it great that God doesn’t always answer our prayers with a yes or in the way we think He should? Instead He sees the bigger picture and gives us more than we could ever dream of!

This reminds me to trust Him even if I can’t see where He’s going with His plan as He can see it and that’s all that matters! Something that I have to try and remember! Another thing to remember is that He has never made a promise that He hasn’t kept so He can in fact be trusted! How awesome is that???

Also requesting prayer as I move in a new direction ministry wise this year – feeling excited and nervous all in one so we will see how things progress!

Oh and most importantly my word for this year is Shine! I was thinking HOPE – one of my favourite words of all time as anyone who knows me will be able to tell you (I collect things with the word Hope on them) but I have always said I should lean back into God’s embrace, then step up and shine His light and then when offered the chance by the beautiful Melanie at to have a wonderful one word button custom created – check it out above – I prayed about what my word should be this year and then I kept having the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’ going through my head and I figured that was a sign! So this year my focus will be on shining and helping others to do the same – we all have a spark inside of us (gee wonder where that sentiment came from!) and it is important to fan that flame and let it shine through us like a lantern in whatever form it may take. I am excited to take this next step into 2013! Oh and while you’re at it – check out all the other people participating in the One Word challenge this year and support them all as I intend to do. What would your one word for 2013 be?

Finally, I am playing with scheduling posts so I hope this goes online tomorrow (Thursday) as it is supposed to!

Some songs that strike a chord with me

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So I found an older CD of mine today that’s linked to Max Lucado’s Outlive Your Life book and the lyrics of the songs were really striking a chord with me and it got me thinking, remembering and discovering some other songs that really inspire me so I thought I would share some on here – maybe start a new series called Musical Mondays! Yeah I like that.

So today’s theme is inspring us to look outside of our own little world and that is in fact one of the titles that I want to share with you:

My Own Little World – Matthew West

Lay Me Down – Hanson

What If She’s An Angel – Tommy Shane Steiner

Said and Done – Michael Boggs

World’s On Fire – Hanson


What songs inspire you?

Ok, so I’m going to work on publishing more reguarly on here…

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And would love it if you would share my blog with others so that I can connect with more people on here.

What sort of topics would everyone like me to focus on? I am thinking of changing this to being a more mixed blog rather than focussed on one thing as I have so much to talk about! Ask anyone who knows me!

Still waiting…

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So this patience thing seems to be an ongoing issue! I really don’t do well with it. To help mem work through it, I’m going to blog more and work on getting this thing going. Would love for prayers on direction and your comments/subscriptions so that I know I’m not just talking to myself!


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So I have been asking for prayer lately to find direction on where I’m meant to minister as I’ve been feeling a lot of different callings lately and God is faithful, whilst I haven’t been given clear direction yet, I have found that quite a few devotionals I have read lately have been about this very topic – waiting on God, trusting His timing and discerning His voice which I will continue to endeavour to do. For now, I will continue to post on here as I have been continually getting messages and illustrations. I would also love to link back to some of my legendary blogging friends out there – anyone want to join me?

So did you miss me???

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I’m baaaacck! So lately I have been observing different parenting styles which makes me wonder what kind of parent I’ll be when I start to think about kids after January next year. Anyone out there have any tips or hints? How would you describe your parenting style?