Insomnia is good for something…

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Well I guess anyway. Since I can’ t sleep, I was online and thought hey I should post on my blog so here I am. I have now added a subscription feature so you can see whenever I update. Not much is going on here. Still recovering from having 3 lymph nodes removed on Tuesday and have a new niece so that’s exciting – just haven’t had chance to meet her yet as haven’t been feeling up to it due to the earlier point. However whilst at the shop today (a very short trip wore me out!) I did get to meet our PM so that was interesting. Not going to discuss political views and alliances on here but still was cool to say I met a PM and had my photo taken with her especially since for better or worse she will go down in history as being our first female PM and I always said I was going to run the country! Well I guess that’s about all for now – Touched by An Angel is about to start – another thing insomnia is good for – watching early morning shows!


About sparkinside

An Australian Christian, Hanson fan and creative person who is a huge fan of blogs and has decided to start my own and share my crazy thoughts with you all!

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